Frontside in 360˚

Utilising new technology this immersive film places the viewer in the center of Frontside Skatepark.


When viewed on a mobile device or VR headset users are able to rotate and view the scene with 360˚ degrees of freedom.


Japanese Airlines

Motion Graphics for Japanese Airlines website
and online advertising, communicating the feeling

 of serenity one feels while on board.




Animated Gif. submission to 15 Folds


"Graphene, a synthetic Metamaterial set to
 fundamentally change the way we create
 and interact with technology."

Interactive Degree Show Branding


An interactive installation for Kingston University's BA Degree show that tracks the rotation of the entrance door and uses the data to animate projected typography.


While at University one gains more than just a qualification. This installation lets visitors cycle through the unique BA word combinations by
simply entering the exhibition.



Creating a unique opportunity to explore the
surface of Mars. Curiosity provides viewers
with an interactive method to view the rover's

panoramic images.


The viewer’s position is tracked and the image rendered in such a way as to create an experience which mimics the physical nature of another world.


Exhibited at _ING & Digital Shorditch


Scientists speculate on what other dimensions
may be like however we can never experience
them directly.


This series creates a visual parallel between
Mars and the Tessaract, the three dimensional representation of a four dimensional cube.

Featured on super/collider

Night Climbers of Cambridge

Based on the photographic exhibition by Thomas Mailaender, ‘The Night Climbers of Cambridge’ is
a catalogue which directly embodies exploration.

Content must be discovered either by torchlight
or by adjusting the books position to illuminate
images and text.